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Would you like a solution to control your weight and appetite?

        Are sudden feelings of intense hunger

        or cravings sabotaging your will power

        to lose excess weight once and for all?


        It is almost impossible to stick to a

        calorie restricted diet long enough to

        reach your weight loss goal if it leaves

        you feeling hungry. Low blood sugar

        (hypoglycemia) can cause a lack of     

        concentration, irritability as well as    

        intense hunger. It leads to an instinctive

        urge to eat -- especially sweets.

EAT OFTEN, FEEL GREAT & LOSE WEIGHT may be the answer to your problem.  Many dieters fail to lose weight because restricting intake can lead to drops in blood sugar that inevitably increase hunger and cravings for sweets.

This book teaches the reader how to:

  1. Increase satiety (the absence of hunger)

  2. Time meals and snacks to stabilize blood sugar

  3. Choose low calorie density and high satiety foods

  4. Make individual meal plans

  5. Learn to visualize appropriate portions sizes

  6. Make carbohydrates their primary fuel source as nature intended (this is not another low-carbohydrate diet)

  7. Improve energy and concentration throughout the day

This eating plan is also safe for the healthy individual who does not experience low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) but would like to experiment with eating 3 meals and up to 3 snacks per day while still losing weight.


The information on this site is not meant to substitute therapeutic counseling from other dietitians or health professionals.

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Montreal Gazette
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October 2008  Volume 9 Issue 10 
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